You’re wasting your blog posts
if they’re just for SEO

Blotter Sharing unlocks the audience-growing superpower that is ALREADY in your blog posts — by automatically repurposing your blog post content for Twitter.
LinkedIn + Medium coming soon!

Sharing your work should be easy

Alas, there’s a lot of drudgery involved. Blotter helps you live your best life and focus on the work only you can do.

Save time

You’ve got a long to-do list full of things only you can do. Let Blotter put quality time back in your busy day.

Avoid boredom

Crafting amazing content is rewarding, creative work. Repurposing is tedious + boring. Blotter handles it, so you don’t have to.

Grow your audience

You want to spread your writing to more readers, and SEO takes months to kick in. Blotter makes social growth easier.

Stay Consistent

To grow on Twitter, experts advise posting consistently. That takes work, and Blotter helps shoulder the load.

Save Money

Time is money, and yours is valuable. Each minute Blotter saves you means money in your pocket.

Unlock your content

Your blog posts contain honest-to-goodness value, but it’s locked away. Blotter helps make the most of your work by sharing it.

Your blog posts go in.

Your Tweets for the next week come out.

It’s quick and easy to get started with Blotter’s blog post-to-Tweet conversion service. One click to set up your account, then a couple of clicks to submit your blog’s URL.

You give Blotter Your Blog’s URL
Blotter catalogs your blog posts and determines Tweets/post automatically.
Blotter works THE MAGIC
Blotter uses both algorithms and human skill to craft Twitter threads and Tweets based on your blog posts.
You get quality Tweets and Threads in your style
Unlike AI Tweet generators, Blotter crafts Tweets and Threads that reflect your own style and voice. And they’re yours to do with as you please.
Everything is organized into a Content Schedule
Blotter intersperses Tweets from different blog posts to create your personalized Content Schedule (soon with Medium and LinkedIn dates too).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Blotter Tweet for me?

Not yet! Currently, Blotter generates the copy for you to edit or Tweet as is. Tweets and threads are shown on a recommended schedule so it’s simple for you to use.

This might be coming soon though 😉

Can I try Blotter for free?

Yes! Blotter will generate a sample of your 1-week Twitter Content Schedule for free, so you can get an idea of the quality you’ll be receiving. The free sample includes content for 2-4 Tweets and/or Twitter threads.

How much does Blotter cost?

Blotter offers a free sample, and is currently on sale for a limited-time launch price of just $9 for 9 Tweets/Twitter threads.

How many Twitter threads vs single Tweets will I receive?

The number of threads vs single Tweets varies based on the content in your blog posts, but your 9-item package you will typically include 2-7 threads, with the remainder as single Tweets.

AI can’t write as well as me, why should I trust Blotter?

We agree: there isn’t an AI copywriter in existence that can write as well as you.

That’s why Blotter uses AI only to assist in converting your high-quality content into high-quality shareable snippets, in your own style, customized for each platform you use.

Ready to see your blog posts converted to Tweets?Get started right now